The furnaces for Investment Casting foundries are Solar Impianti's Core Business.
To constantly keep updated on techniques:
- We are registered with the major trade associations ICI (USA) EICF (Europe) ISIC;
- We participate annually in global industry conferences, events and industry expos;
- We are partners with many leading foundries for whom we develop, in synergy with other suppliers in the industry, custom solutions.
As a result of our dynamic and enterprising technicians and engineers, as well as specialised teams of local collaborators, we support and assist foundries worldwide.
Solar Impianti is membership since long time of:
The Investment Casting Institute (ICI) a no profit association, whose primary mission is to promote the investment casting process as well as collecting and disseminating information about the industry and providing education opportunities to members.
The EICF Federation of European Investment Foundries and Suppliers to the Industry. The Federation's objectives are to publicise the advantages of the Investment Casting as a precision manufacturing process and to improve the process capability through the sponsorship of research and development.
ISIC International Seminar of Investment Casting. The ISIC has been serve as a premier platform where could carry the latest notions and researches of the investment casting. With the discussion and exchange during Seminar, the international academic communication and cooperation would be enhanced.


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ICI Investment Casting Institute (USA)

EICF European Investment Casting Federation

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