Solar Impianti produces a wide range of single, double or multiple bogie hearth furnaces, with different applications including:
         -     Burnout-Prefire mould furnaces
         -     Kilns for firing ceramic cores
         -     Furnaces for difficult to handle large sized shell.
This type of furnaces performs very complicated processes, and if poorly designed can result in:
           Product defects (ash from incorrect burning)
           Noxious fumes in the environment due to poor door seals
           Operation hazards in the event of high wax and polystyrene residual
           Environmental pollution 
The temperature depending on the application and materials reaches 1250°C and beyond if required; the heating system used may include:
           Naked flame gas burners
           Recuperative burners
           Electric heating elements
The Solar Impianti bogie hearth Burnout-Prefire furnaces are able to successfully process clusters with high wax and polystyrene residual as they are equipped with:
Self-adjustment of the oxygen (O2) in the chamber
Afterburner thermal abatement VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds)
Accurate pressure and temperature controls (both in the heating and cooling).
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